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IMC Colloquium Series

The IRMACS Modelling Consortium (IMC) is an association of research groups working in the field of complex systems modelling. The IMC connects researchers with diverse academic backgrounds, experts and practitioners from the public sector and industry, and utilizes the mathematical and computational resources of the IRMACS Centre. The goal is to construct mathematical models for complex real-world problems with a particular emphasis on criminology, health science, and urban dynamics. The CSMG is an integral member of the IMC.

The bi-weekly IMC Colloquium Series is a true forum for the interdisciplinary modeling related research at Simon Fraser University. The Colloquium includes a line-up of speakers, researchers and experts in mathematics, computing science, statistics, criminology, economics, geography, anthropology, health care and medicine, sociology, kinesiology, and public policy, among others.

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